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Van Zandt County Humane Society is a "No Kill" Shelter

Our medical procedures begin with heartworm testing for all canines over 10 months and leukemia testing for felines. All pets in our care are up to date on vaccinations and, if over 4 months old, have been spayed or neutered and given their rabies vaccinations, as well as heartworm prevention. A free spay/neuter certificate is offered at one of our participating clinics for all unaltered pets adopted.

State law requires any animal adopted from a shelter or rescue group be altered. If not altered at the time of adoption, a female will need to be spayed when she reaches 6 months and a male when he reaches 8 months. The Society recommends that all animals be altered at 4 months.

 Cora is a Lab/Shepherd Mix. Born 11/11/14


Bonnie, sister to Cora and Todd, is now 1 yr. 4 mos. old. She is a sweet girl that is special needs in that she is a bit shy and needs time to adjust to her new home environment. 

 She does fine with other dogs when it is eating time or general playing in the yard but she gets possessive with objects that she claims as hers and will become guarded over the objects.  She will not share and can be a bully and will hurt the other dog whether adult or puppy.  Because of this she would need to be the only dog in the family

 She does okay with cats as I was told by her former family, she likes children and does fine with farm animals.

 She just needs extra attention and limited freedom when at first going to her new home until she becomes accustomed to her new family.  She prefers the outdoors to being inside as she feels claustrophobic when inside to long.

Cora has been spayed, micro-chipped and is on heart worm preventative. She is up to date on her vaccinations.

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