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A foster home is a short-term safe haven for a rescued dog or cat. It is a place for a rescued animal to learn some new skills, and to prepare for a new home. Foster homes are a critical component of our program and our fosters are some of the most wonderful folks on earth.

Foster homes are also needed simply to give animals a break, specifically our cats. We are fortunate to work with Petsmart and have cat adoption centers in the stores; however the residents who don’t get adopted quickly can always use a break from the center. It can be stressful for some cats to be there for longer periods of time, and going into a foster home for a couple of weeks to get a break really helps.

Fosters also help us save the lives of puppies and kittens and their mothers. These babies are often the first to be put to sleep in a shelter because they are likely to get sick. Thanks to our puppy and kitten fosters, we can save these animals.

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